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To provid guidelines and standards designed to minimise and avoid the transmission or infection of COVID-19 by employees, visitors and guests.


This standard is intended to provide a benchmark for best practice in the control and management of bacterial and viral outbreaks that may interrupt or affect the normal operational conditions of accommodation establishments. This standard is not intended to eliminate the possibility of infection or transmission of airborne pathogens, but serves to minimise and avoid contamination in the most effective manner possible.

Glossary of Terms

Fit for the intended purpose
Department of Health or Local Public Health Department
Close Contact Personnel
Personnel who have unavoidable contact with guests at close range – Watrons, Reception Personnel; etc
Novel Coronavirus
Continual basis
On purpose a regular, recorded basis according to need or use
Deep Cleaned
As prescribed by the WHO Guidelines
An item intended for single-use
Face Guard
A transparent covering that protects the full face
A breathable covering that provides protection to the mouth and nose
Guest Interaction
Interaction with an individual guest
Hand Gloves A glove that covers the hand from the wrist
Hand Sanitiser A product intended for hand use which contains a minimum of 70% alcohol.
Hand-washing Facility A facility that provides running water, soap and hand drying equipment
High Risk Area Any area where the potential for contamination is above average – such as food preparation areas, room attendants, laundry personnel.
Sanitised Cleaned with an approved sanitiser or cleaning agent
Protective eyewear Eye protection secured in the form of glasses or face protector
Response Protocol Based on the WHO Guidelines and inclusive of measures to manage cases of infection that may occur
An item that may be washed and reused
World Health Organisation

General Standards

  1. This COVID-19 Response Protocol is based on the WHO Guidelines which addresses all operational aspects of the business and treatment of an incident or outbreak at the establishment.
  2. All personnel shall undergo a symptomatic evaluation before and after every shift. Where personnel are found to display – or are suspected of having any symptoms associated with COVID-19, they shall be isolated and assisted in reporting to the nearest healthcare facility for treatment and evaluation.
  3. Where a guest displays – or is suspected of having any symptom associated with COVID-19, steps shall be taken to isolate the guest and to notify the appropriate authority. Where a resident guest is found to be COVID-19 positive, the room in which they have stayed shall be isolated until deep-cleaning has been undertaken.
  4. Appropriate signage and messaging to raise awareness by guests and visitors of measures taken to ensure their safety shall be placed in all high-traffic areas.
  5. All personnel shall be provided with appropriate PPE which shall include:
    1. A washable linen/cloth-based facemask or a face guard in high risk areas
    2. Protective eyewear for close-contact personnel
    3. Protective latex disposable gloves
    4. Hand sanitiser or hand-washing facilities at their workstation or work areas
  6. Personnel will be provided with appropriate training and awareness of the Response Protocol and on the use of PPE and measures that have been taken to ensure their safety and that of guests.
  7. All PPE shall be regarded as medical waste when discarded and shall be treated, stored and disposed-of accordingly.
  8. All handtowels will be removed and replaced by paper towels to minimise airborne and contact contamination. No hand-towels or cloths will be provided in public facilities.
  9. Outdoor swimming pools will remain covered until regulations permit opening.
  10. All contact surfaces including doors, tables, handles and others will be sanitised on a continual basis throughout the day.
  11. Arriving guests or visitors shall complete a COVID-19 Statement on arrival. This shall:
    1. Specifically enquire as to knowledge of the existence of any symptoms associated with the virus;
    2. Details of recent travel activities
  12. All guests and visitors shall be required to provide their cell phone number, onward destination and home address on arrival to assist with official tracing activities in the event that an outbreak of COVID-19 takes place at the establishment.

Standard for Reception and Public Area Personnel

  1. Reception personnel shall interact with guests only while wearing their PPE.
  2. Personnel shall maintain a minimum of 1 metre distance between themselves and guests.
  3. Guests shall be provided with disposable facemask, hand sanitiser or hand-washing facilitieson arrival.
  4. Reception personnel shall sanitise their hands between every guest interaction.
  5. Personnel handling cash shall wear disposable gloves.
  6. All surfaces and items used or touched by arriving guests at reception shall be sanitised between each guest interaction to minimise transmission potential. This shall include:
    1. Countertops
    2. Pens or keypads
    3. Telephones
    4. Credit card terminals
  7. Group check-in facilities will be so configured as to ensure 1 metre spacing between arriving guests.
  8. Public Area Personnel (including Porters, Security and other personnel) shall avoid and discourage unprotected handshakes between themselves and guests.
  9. Public Area Personnel shall wear a facemask and disposable gloves while on duty.
  10. All contact surfaces including door handles and other high-use surfaces shall be sanitised at least hourly.

Standard for Housekeeping Services

  1. Personnel will be required to wear a mask, protective eyewear and disposable gloves while cleaning guest bedrooms.
  2. The following procedures shall be implemented during the cleaning of guest bedrooms:
    1. Only empty rooms will be cleaned on a daily basis. Where guests are present in rooms, staff will not enter.
    2. Care shall be taken to ensure that bed linen is not unnecessarily ‘fluffed’ or disturbed so as to cause airborne contamination. Used linen shall be removed and placed in the soiled linen bag.
    3. Windows will be opened to allow fresh air circulation.
    4. Contact surfaces shall be disinfected during each cleaning cycle. These shall include:
      1. Tables, surfaces and door-handles
      2. Television remote controls
      3. In-room safe control panels and handles
      4. Light-switches
      5. The exterior of kettles, water jugs and other hard surfaces.
    5. Bathroom shall be sanitised after cleaning in the normal manner. This shall include:
      1. Countertops and vanity surfaces
      2. Toilet seats and covers
      3. Shower handles and hardware
      4. Door-handles and push-plates
      5. Amenity surfaces including water jugs and glassware.
  3. Items such as towelling bath robes will be removed from guestrooms.
  4. Personnel shall replace disposable gloves between every room cleaned.
  5. No water or other waste material shall be moved between rooms during the cleaning process.
  6. Linen-room personnel will be issued with appropriate PPE which shall include a full-face mask.
  7. Linen-room personnel shall take care to avoid airborne contamination while handling used linen.
  8. Appropriate measures shall be taken to ensure that clean linen is not contaminated duringthe cleaning or storage phases.

Standard for Restaurant and Food Service Areas

  1. All guest seating will provide for a minimum of 1 metre distance between seats.
  2. Guests shall have access to disposable face masks and hand sanitiser or hand-washing facilities on arrival.
  3. Personnel shall wear a facemask during all interactions with guests.
  4. Table linen (place mats and serviettes) shall be replaced and tables will be sanitised after each guest service.
  5. All unused cutlery and glassware shall be replaced or sanitised between guest service.
  6. All menus and wine lists shall be sanitised before presentation to guests.
  7. Where unavoidable, self-service areas and buffets shall be equipped with appropriate contamination protection such as sneeze-guards or similar coverings.
  8. Service equipment such as ladles, serving tongs, serving spoons and forks shall be sanitised or replaced with clean equipment on a regular basis.
  9. In-room dining services shall be suspended for the duration of the crisis.

Standard for Food Preparation Areas

  1. All kitchen surfaces shall be sanitised at least every two hours during preparation and serviceperiods.
  2. All cold storage facilities shall be sanitised daily. Where appropriate, test swabs shall betaken of cold-storage surfaces on a weekly basis by a recognised laboratory service.
  3. All fresh produce not intended for cooking shall be sanitised either by means of salt-water orfood-safe sanitiser prior to service. This shall include salad items; fresh fruit and otheruncooked produce.
  4. Dishwashing facilities will be monitored to ensure the correct water temperature andchemical levels are being maintained.

Standard for Meeting Rooms and Adjacent Areas

  1. Personnel shall be required to wear appropriate PPE while in guest contact areas orsituations.
  2. Meeting rooms shall not accommodate more than 50% of their total capacity at any time.
  3. All seating shall ensure a minimum of 1 metre distance between spaces.
  4. Surfaces shall be sanitised before each meeting and during refreshment breaks.
  5. Where table linen is used, care shall be taken to avoid airborne contamination duringreplacement or cleaning.
  6. All water jugs, glasses and other items used by guests or delegates shall be sanitised duringrefreshment breaks.
  7. Guests shall have access to disposable facemasks and hand-sanitiser on arrival.
  8. Refreshment areas shall be set-up to maximise social distancing practice during service.
  9. Appropriate signage and notices shall be visible to guests and delegates to promote safepractice during events and meetings.
  10. Appropriate facilities shall be provided for the disposal of used facemasks by guests anddelegates.

Standard for Maintenance Personnel

  1. Personnel shall ensure the use of PPE in all guest contact areas and during any guestinteraction.
  2. Air-handling systems, air-conditioner and other air circulation systems shall be sanitised andmaintained at least monthly.

Standard for Guest Transport and Vehicles

  1. Drivers and support personnel shall ensure the proper use of PPE’s at all times.
  2. Guest transport vehicles shall be stocked with disposable facemasks and hand sanitiser for guests.
  3. Guest and staff transfer vehicles shall not accommodate more than 50% of the licenced capacity at any time.
  4. All vehicles shall undergo a sanitisation process after every use. This shall include:
    1. The sanitisation of all interior hard surfaces that may have been touched by passengers
    2. Exterior door-handles
    3. Interior windows and glass surfaces
    4. Adequate airing of the vehicle prior to re-use.

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