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Reception And Shop

Whether you need to check in or check out, book a meal, or simply find out what’s happening in and around Cape St Francis Resort... our friendly reception staff are here to help.

With so many activities in and around Cape St Francis our reception staff are here to assist you with booking your chosen excursions. From surf lessons, trail walks, bicylcle hire to bungee jumping and sky diving, there really is so much to choose from, the biggest decision is which one will you do first!

One of the most popular excursion is known as 'Betty's Tour' due to the fact your wonderful host is our very own Betty Anoster.

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information desk and reception
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Our convenience store has everything you need

Within reception you will also find our convenience shop offering all manner of produce. So if you’ve forgotten your toothbrush, need braai wood, or have just got back from the beach and in need of a refreshing icecream, our shop has everything you need.

Everyday the talented chefs from our award winning Joe Fish Restaurant produce freshly home made pies and sandwiches but get there early before they sell out! Many of the ingredients are organically grown at our Bat and Boerboom farm on the Geelhout River.

There’s even a frozen section offering stunning free range chicken, local boerewors, and family size savoury pies.

Aside from the basics, the shop also stocks a beautiful range of clothing including, beach sarongs, dresses, childrenswear, men’s and women’s t-shirts and caps.

Clothing, Classrooms and Conservation all in one day

Betty's Tour - Our Social Responsibility Initiative

For the last 2yrs Cape St Francis Resort has been taking guests on a wonderful tour of local communtiy projects and businesses. These insightful excursions offer particpants the opportunity to meet everyone involved and really get to know the what, who and why's of each individual business and the people involved.


The tour known affectionately as 'Betty's Tours' as Betty Anoster from Cape St Francis Resort is the tour leader, takes you to three very different places.

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Interact with local kids at a children’s school

Guests are then taken into the heart of the local township known as ’Sea Vista’ to meet some very special kids at the Talhado Children’s Haven.


Talhado Children’s Haven was started to address the needs of disadvantaged children in the area of St Francis Bay. Pre-primary education and a safe place to play, under adult care, were needed. The school now provides both for over 400 children. All the fundraising for the Haven is done on a voluntary basis.


Through ’Betty’s Tour’ you will meet these wonderful children and the teachers who care for them. The children always have a smile and song and love meeting new people and in return visitors are left with some wonderful memories and some new friends!

Meet some talented locals and maybe buy a garment or two

Just down the road from Talhado’s is Nomvula’s which is the final destination on the tour.

Nomvula (nom Voo la) meaning “she who brings the rain" in Xhosa is considered a lucky name because any sign of rain in Southern Africa is gratefully received.

Starting as a knitting group by Frances Becker in 2008, Nomvulas has quickly turned into a fully fledged business with approx 15 full time knitters.

Although Nomvulas is still a small business it has developed a strong client base which keeps the pace of work consistent and provides a sustainable income for the staff.

The concept of the company is to train the knitters in the art of manufacturing, marketing, and running a business with the goal to eventually own the business. Nomvula’s is not a charity and its goal is profit driven. What makes the company extra special is the knitters run it as their own business with the guidance and direction of  Frances. They understand that what they put in, they get out both financially and emotionally.

As part of ’Betty’s Tours’ you will be given a personal tour by one of the knitters who will provide insight into what they do and how they do it. The products produced are simply stunning and you will be spoilt for choice with the wide range of clothing and accessories.

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